Training Room or At Home? what's best,

That decision may be obvious to you, if you are not sure here are some questions to help you decide. then use the link buttons to find out more

Do you have adequate space at Home?

Your dining room table or similar will do, but its important to have enough room , with a electrical point within reach and your Iron and Ironing board set up when learning dressmaking.

The training room has a number of sewing desks, a large cutting table, and ironing facilities already set up and ready to on your arrival.

Do you have your own machine?

Its best to learn on your own machine, different makes and models all work slightly different and have different features. Its important you are able to use your new skills at home too.

If you are unable to transport your machine then at home means you don't need to transport your machine, 

If you don't yet have a machine, then having your lesson at the training room allows you the possibility to use one of mine, though I'd recomend you get your own as soon as possible, as you will want to put your new skill into practice at home.

Do you live in the Bristol Area ?

To have a lesson at home you must live in the bristol area, and have sensible parking close by, 

Other wise its best you travel to me and have your lessons at the training room.

Do you have transport?

I do have one allocated parking space that you can use on request, when attending a one-one lessons, while there are a number of local carparks for group lessons

Also a number of bus routes stop close by. 

However if you have mobility issues, lessons at home may be the most viable option for you.

Are there distractions at home?

when having a lesson, a quite place without distractions is important, sometimes noise and interuptions from other family members is unavoidable, The Training room is dedicated space free from distractions

Are you working on a larger project?

Larger projects are often easier to handle when in the training room enviroment as it has been purposley set up with this in mind. especially cutting out, the cutting table is 1m20cm x 2m10cm and is set to a good standing heigth for comfortable working.

Other contributing factors

At the training room there is a range of haberdashery you may purchase should your project need it, you also have access to my personal haberdashery supplies that you can use for a small donation (Sometimes for free subject to item)

Doesn't matter where, we can tailor your lesson to suit you.

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