Sewing Bee - Flat Piping

Published on 5 July 2024 at 16:15

I often watch the Great British Sewing Bee and get frustrated, so much that my Husband refuses to watch it with me, I want to crawl into the telly and show them a better technique to make life easier, and the Pyjama Blouse (episode 7 series 10.) is one of those,

To take just one part, the Flat Piping, What is it? Its a fold of fabric that sticks out from a seam to give a contrast, it needs to be absolutely parallel to the garment edge to make it look crisp and neat, it gives a garment a high end look and done well will look designer not home made.

Flat piping is more decorative rather than functional so the same fabric is pointless, you need a contrast in either colour or texture (satin with a matt)

My Tip

It is like regular piping but minus the cord, when pipping you use a pipping foot or zip foot to allow you to get close to the cord and this intern helps you to keep straight. so why not make regular piping with a slightly narrower cord but keep the cord visible at the ends, the cord is used as a former, the size you use will determine the size of the flat piping. Use the techniques of normal piping to keep you even and parallel and before the ends get closed and stitched into the garment remove the cord and press it flat, voila! nice even flat piping, roll up the cord to reuse in other projects.

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